How’s Election Fraud In Ohio Looking?

It’s looking super! Glitches fill Ohio voter rolls

In Hamilton County, 17 people are registered to vote from riverfront addresses south of Mehring Way – places with street numbers that would put their homes somewhere in the Ohio River.

Another 46 voters are registered at addresses that would put their homes in the middle of the Paul Brown Stadium parking lot, or at the riverfront project known as The Banks – which hasn’t been built.

An Enquirer analysis of more than 8 million Ohio voter registration records found a litany of quirks, inconsistencies, errors, duplicate registrations and other problems with little more than two weeks until Election Day.

Thousands of voters appear on registration lists twice – some as many as six times. At least 589 registered voters – mostly in Franklin and Cuyahoga counties – were born in 1991 or later, which puts them under the legal voting age.

Voters are registered at post office boxes, office buildings with no residences, police stations and even park benches.

Some may be fraudulent, election officials say; many have more innocent explanations.

Sure, some may be innocent. “Gee, I somehow wrote my address as Paul Brown Stadium.”

Yes, people can be honestly registered multiple times in the database, but will not vote more then once. Often, they do not even know. I myself had been on the roles twice for the 2006 election, once at my new address, once at my old. I had them remove the old one. But, many of the multiple registrations in Ohio feature different social security numbers and slight changes of names.

In some cases, it is a simple misspelling of the address, or dropping numbers. This can’t really be blamed on the people registering (usually), but on the people who enter the data.

So, is it all fraud? No. The question remains, how much of it is? How many will vote multiple times? How many are registered felons? How many are registered in other states?

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