Journalistic Malpractice:WP Wonders About McCain’s Cancer

It was atrocious enough when the New York Times came out with their “just wondering” story in March about John McCain’s past bouts of cancer and whether it could return. Now, with 17 days to go till the election, the Washington Post does them one better. Questions Linger About McCain’s Prognosis After Skin Cancer

 In May, the presidential campaign of 72-year-old cancer survivor John McCain tried to put to rest doubts about his health by allowing a few reporters to inspect his medical records, but the effort has failed to quell questions about his odds of surviving an eight-year tenure in the White House.

One loosely organized group of physicians has been claiming in Web-based videos, op-ed columns and newspaper ads that McCain’s risk of dying from a recurrence of the skin cancer he had treated eight years ago may be as high as 60 percent.

However, data on cancer survival rates compiled by the federal government suggest that people in McCain’s situation have no more than a 10 percent chance of dying from melanoma over the next decade. 

Yet, questions linger. Say, I wonder when the WP will do a story on the potential for Barack Obama to get lung, throat, and/or mouth cancer from his smoking? 

 The McCain campaign has rejected releasing additional records. A campaign spokeswoman, Jill Hazelbaker, said in an e-mail that letting reporters look at 1,173 pages of medical documents “was an unprecedented level of disclosure. . . . It was certainly more significant than the one-page doctor’s note [Democratic candidate Barack] Obama released!”

But, the People press and moonbats demand more!!!!

The gist of the critique is that McCain’s cancer was more advanced than his physicians concluded and that the chance of recurrence is consequently higher. Melanoma that spreads widely through the body — “metastasizes,” in medical parlance — is rapidly fatal.

In other words, McCain is going to die shortly, and everyone should be worried because….

The effort to learn more about McCain’s health gained steam after he chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. More than 2,700 physicians signed a full-page ad in the New York Times on Oct. 3 calling for a “full, public release” of the candidate’s medical records. Others urged that microscopic slides of tissue removed before and during his operation be made available for review by independent pathologists.

“Voters need to know who is most likely to be running the country in 2010 if Senator McCain is elected in 2008,” Wendy Epstein, a New York dermatologist and Obama supporter, wrote in an eight-page analysis of the senator’s risk circulating on the Internet.

She and some other critics believe the odds of McCain surviving 10 years after his surgery is 36 to 56 percent. The senator’s physicians, while eschewing precise predictions, have said that his risk of developing metastatic melanoma is in the “single digits.”

See, if elected, he is going to die quickly in office and leave the EVIL!!!!!!! SarahCuda in office, burning books, doing away with abortion on demand, killing all the polar bears, and turning the country into one big fundie oil well.

Just when you think the press had sunk as low as possible, they go and prove you wrong.

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