When PETA Is In Public, Could They At Least Work Out First?

OK, that really doesn’t have anything to do with the actual story, but, seriously, would it be so difficult for the PETA babes who go out in public wearing lettuce to be those who understand exercise? Though, I suppose cottage cheese does go with lettuce. Anyhow

In the name of “tolerance,” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants a proposed Chicago public high school designed for homosexual and lesbian students to offer a vegetarian-only menu.

“The school in Chicago is in a very unique position in aligning its cafeteria with the social justice message that they’re teaching in the classroom,” PETA Director of Media Relations Michael McGraw told CNSNews.com.

Getting beyond the PETA nuttery, why is it OK to have a publicly funded school for homosexuals? Schools, such as the Citadel, have been sued to allow women in, as have other male only schools that recieve some public funding. A publicly funded religious school that teaches some form of Christianity or Judaism would not be allowed. But, this one is? Sounds more like a school based on intolerance. One of exclusion.

To be honest, I could care less. For some kids, it is a better learning environment to be with their own. There are certainly folks who learn better when not in direct contact with the opposite sex. Some learn better in a religious or military school. To each his own. However, this I have a problem with

The Chicago Board of Education has not officially approved the school but is expected to consider it Nov. 19. If approved, the school’s curriculum will include lessons in sexual identity and will discuss notable male homosexual and lesbian figures.

If approved, we will have yet another school where kids are coming out with great sociology knowledge, but little real world practical knowledge.

Well, I also have a problem with people who say eating vegan is wonderbar!!!! then showing up like they just did the Freshman 15.

Of course, then we get the ones who look like Skellator. And still no muscle tone 🙂

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