Daily Archives: February 10, 2005

Terror Lawyer Found Guilty

Most folks out there are aware of the conviction of Lynne Stewart, a civil rights attorney who was convicted of of smuggling messages from her client, Sheik Omar Abdel-Rhaman, to and Egyptian terrorist network. There was overwhelming evidence, taped conversations, eyewitness accounts, etc. Oh, and don’t forget that she admitted it. She thought the law […]

Comments and Email

Had an email I thought it was worth doing a post reply to. Jenny was wondering why I take so long to reply to comments in posts. What it comes down to is that I only check in at my site every now and then during the day, especially on a day when I am […]

American Flag Folks Added

Welcome new member SlagleRock’s Slaughter to the league Update, 530pm: added The Minor Prophet. Welcome aboard to both! And more: Welcome Cave News and Views. I finally have the American Flag site listed in the Ecosphere, and noticed that Perry Peterson had it all set up. Welcome aboard, and, if you had sent me an […]

New Demoratic Flag

SlagleRock’s Slaugherhouse has a contest for the new Demoratic Party Flag (hat tip to Mamamontezz’s Mental Rumpus Room.) Not to be outdone, here is my humble contribution:

Scarborough Drops the Anchor on Eason

Last night, Joe Scarborough weighed in on Eason Jordan, and his irresponsible comments. I watched this last night, was waiting for the transcript, but, looks like Captain Ed beat me, and probably everyone else, to the punch. From MSNBC: There is a cancer growing at CNN, and it’s time it got cut out. It’s time […]

Bush, Live in Raleigh

President Bush will be present for a townhall meeting in Raleigh today at the BTI Center, discussing Social Security and probably other issues. For those who get it, it is on WRAL-5 out of Raleigh. You can also got WRAL’s homepage, and supposedly see it streaming. As a side bar, you did not want to […]

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