Daily Archives: February 7, 2005

Contrarians have no sense of humor

For the January 31st edition, the DU named Jeff Gannon their #2 Conservative idiot (how sad is it that they even have stuff like that every week?) Apparently the Bush administration isn’t just paying journalists to spout White House propaganda – they’re also planting journalists in press conferences to ask helpful questions. At a press […]

Pourve, Pourve, Philly

At the risk of pissing off any Philly fans, here goes. How bad is it to be a fan of a Philly sports team? Phillies-first and only World Series Championship, 1980. In existence since 1883 Eagles: Last Championship, 1960. 2 others in 48 and 49 Flyers: last Stanley Cup, 1975. One other in 74. This […]

More American Flag Folks added

Welcome some new members: Genuine Blog The Political Teen Tom’s Rants Go here or here for the details, any who may be interested. Yarrrrrrrrr!

Brain No Work Today

Buffalo wings and beer. Bad combination. What’s worse, I know it. They say that one should write no matter what every day. Fine. So be it. Get off my back, would ye? 🙂 First off, Everyone Loves Raymond. This is a program I have never watched, but have seen the commercials. And, what do I […]

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