Daily Archives: February 25, 2005

King of the Blogs

In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, blog buddy Jeremy of American Warmonger is competing for King of the Blogs. Go here and vote for him. Also, please thank him for the post, which was dated 2/26, and had me signing all my paperwork until late afternoon with the wrong date. Of course, the hangover […]

A word on virus’

Word up, homeslices: that virus that comes packaged in what looks like a email from the FBI is more pervasive then thought. I recieved the little SOB at my wteach at nc.rr.com address. Previously, it only came to my top level email address. Watch out!

Hawkins on Thomas

The emminent John Hawkins has more on the Gannon/Gucker affair, and take sHelen Thomas to task. Can any lefty show prove that Helen Thomas is a real reporter? I thought not. BTW, an un-named source from somewhere on the earth has hintimated that Hillary is hiring female S&M bondage escorts at least once a week. […]

Friday Caption

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday. Hungover like a medium size dog. Six hours in 2 bars will do that. So, how about a bit of captioning?

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