Daily Archives: February 11, 2005

Eason Jordan Resigns-This Sucks

Yes, it sucks. Blows. Stinks. Once again, a big shot in the MSM is allowed to dictate their terms. Jordan should have been shitcanned by CNN, not given the chance to resign. Is this the way that CNN hopes to build its reputation back? Won’t work. CNN can probably look forward to many a blogger […]

Hillary Never Looked so good

I told Jeremy at American Warmonger, and Ogre of Ogres Politics and Views that I would put Hillary in a bikini. What does everyone thinK?

Try him under Afghany law

This is a new wrinkle: A former Special Forces soldier accused of beating an Afghan detainee who later died said federal courts don’t have jurisdiction in his case since he was working outside of the United States.     Lawyers for David Passaro contend that provisions of the U.S. Patriot Act that stretched authority to prosecute […]

Gay Penguin Controversy

Geoffrey at Dog Snot Diaries is wondering what the deal is with gay penguins. I don’t understand this. These penguins always seem to find they’re way into any discussion about whether homosexuality is a choice or genetic, and whether it can be a learned behavior. Some zookeeper decides they may be homo because there simply […]

Snarky on Undies

Looks like the Virginia Senate has dropped it’s bid to fine those who show their undies by wearing either low rider pants or low slung pants. Wise of them. Realistically, seeing peoples undies peaking out from someones pants is no big deal. With women, it can be kinda sexy, with men, it just looks incredibly […]

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