Daily Archives: February 27, 2005

Wedgies Award

I will admit, I have been rather remiss about discussing politics as of late. I was getting a bit burned out on it. I like partisan politics. Left vs. Right, ideas, agendas, facts. But, it is hard to debate whose policies are better when all I see from the Left is “I hate Bush.” Their […]

Is the Dead Blogs Blog dead?

If you have never seen it, there is a blog listed on the NCBlogs weblog (one of our 2 versions of the Bear League), there is a site called the Dead Blogs Blog, which: Proudly celebrating dead blogs, blogs that are about to die, and blogs that should be dead. You know– the good, bad, […]

American Flag-Folks added

Welcome aboard to Keith Devens, whose blog goes by the same name. Welcome The Alliance site. I cannot believe I missed the Alliance banner. I found out through Keith that Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog had a post up about it. Maybe I should pay attention to who is linking to the American Flag blog […]

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