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Back to the Lottery

Will Mike E. get his boondoggle lottery this time? From the way things are going, I would have to give the odds at 2-1 that it passes this time. People are coming out for and against it. Ogre says: Enter Jim Black (D). He really, really, really wants a lottery because he is the primary […]

Terri Schiavo dies

State sponsored murder.

Standing up for Dignity

Join the fight! What we have here is leech on society who feels that it is OK to conduct witch hunts on gays that do not agree with the far left agenda. No matter what your feelings on gays and lesbians may be, this issue is deeper. It is an issue of freedom and privacy, […]

5 Questions for the Bandwagon

Jody from the bandwagon has been sucked into the 5 questions meme not once, but twice! (insert evil laugh here). Go here for her answers to me, and here for her answers to Beulah Mae from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. You have 5 minutes with George W Bush: what do you ask him? What  […]

AARP putting one over

Pretty soon the Leftist media and pundits will be espousing the benefits of the AARP study, which found that 6-10 (59%) of the respondents disaprove of President Bush’s plan for Social Security privatization. Amazing how worked up people can get over a measly 4% of your FICA withholdings, isn’t it? Here’s the problem. First of […]

5 Questions to Beulah Mae

Beulah Mae has done gone an’ answered ma 5 questions on a special White Trash edition. Head on over to My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to see the answers that the web goddess Beth has allowed her to post today. who’s yur favorite NASCAR driver, and why? when describin how to get to yur home, […]

We’re mis-branded

So, I wasn’t really seeing anything out there that really floated my boat to write about. Kinda out of it today, getting sick, needed something wacky, goofy, insert adjective here. So I figured I would check some moonbats, and low and behold I ran across this at Oliver Willis’ casa via Kos: on the left, […]

American Flag Bidness

Have added My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to the Flag League. Welcome aboard, Beth! Also, my apologies, since I thought I had added you a ways back.

American Flag Bidness

Welcome Lime Shurbet and Gay Patriot to the American Flag League. Welcome aboard, maties!

The Tolerance of the Left

Via Dr. S at the Jawa Report comes a story about some Leftazoids outing, well, let’s be realistic, harrassing and terrorizing gays, particularly The Gay Patriot. Is this what the far Left has come to? Apparently so. The Gay Patriot has given up blogging. Intolerance, thy name is Democrat. As Jay Tee at Wizbang has […]

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