Daily Archives: March 5, 2005

Now the Left Supports Gays?

Over the last few weeks the Left has been all about dissing gays in the guise of going after Jeff Gannon. Now, they are all for Gay rights. Go figure. It has always been known that the military’s policy on gays was illogical at best, and discriminatory at worst. But this new report shows that […]

A Letter From Captain Ed

The good Captain Ed has written an outstanding letter regarding McCain-Fiengold and how it could effect the Blogosphere. He has asked that everyone, Left or Right, take this letter and send it to your States Senators. I will send it in with this header: (Formatting from Congress Merge adds name and address) I run a […]

Another Blogophobe

Seems that Katie Reetz of the University of Georgia’s Red and Black doesn’t like blogs. (hat tip The Blog Herald, whose trackback looks messed up) As the Internet continues to blur the line between real life and its virtual equivalent, blogging has become the latest sphere to hide beneath the guise of a reliable news […]

“Italian Hostage Shot by GI’s”

So the New York Times says: Italian Hostage, Released in Iraq, Is Shot by G.I.’s. That is their headline. Yet they contradict themselves: According to a statement released by the United States Army’s Third Infantry Division in Baghdad, the soldiers tried to warn the driver to stop before firing at the speeding vehicle’s engine block. […]

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