“Italian Hostage Shot by GI’s”

So the New York Times says: Italian Hostage, Released in Iraq, Is Shot by G.I.’s. That is their headline. Yet they contradict themselves:

According to a statement released by the United States Army’s Third
Infantry Division in Baghdad, the soldiers tried to warn the driver to
stop before firing at the speeding vehicle’s engine block.

"About 9 p.m., a patrol in western Baghdad observed the vehicle
speeding towards their checkpoint and attempted to warn the driver to
stop by hand-and-arm signals, flashing white lights, and firing warning
shots in front of the car," the statement said.

Nowhere in the article does it show that she was actually shot. There is a mention of shrapnel being removed from her left shoulder, but that is it. I’ll wait for the official report before I state whether she was injured by a bullet, shrapnel caused by .50 Caliber bullets, or the car crashing.

As a sidebar, according to the NYTimes:

At the Rome offices of Il Manifesto, the left-wing newspaper for which
Ms. Sgrena works, reporters celebrated the news of Ms. Sgrena’s release
with champagne.

"left wing," huh? Next up is from the Raleigh News and Observer, via the Washington Post:

Giuliana Sgrena, 56, a reporter for the Communist daily newspaper Il Manifesto, had been taken hostage Feb. 4.

Communist. Would it have been so hard for the Times to print that? Apparently so. The Times just doesn’t understand the internet, and the ability to to find information and fact check someones azz. Hello, Times: 8 Million bloggers out there.

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2 Responses to ““Italian Hostage Shot by GI’s””

  1. Maggie says:

    Left wingers are communists…just we can’t call them that here in the states or we are accused of McCarthyism.

  2. Yamama says:

    Communists are left wingers. Not all lefties are commies. There’s plenty of room on the left. More now that we have moved so far to the right.

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