Daily Archives: March 26, 2005

Falls Lake

That’s a rather pretty vista, eh? You would think that this was taken off a backroad somewhere away from the city. These were actually taken at Falls Lake, on the NE side of Raleigh. I like going out there and fishing, blading, hiking, and just hanging out.

Loons Gone Wild

So, I figure I will persuse the Left-o-sphere, get a few laughs at the moonbattery, so, had to start with Kos of course, maties. And what do I see but a story about an ultra-moonbat who has invented a device that blocks out the Fox News channel. DavidNYC, who wrote the post, says "I gotta […]

How to Make a Chocolate Bunny

Go here. FYI, the link, while not actually naughty, is not work friendly. (woops, something went goofy originally, link fixed)

American Flag Bidness

New members be The Assumption of Command and Six Meat Buffet. Welcome aboard, maties! Update: added Confederate Yankee. Should have gotten you on there by now, mate.

Pirate's Cove