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American Flag Folks Added

Added:     The Creative Conservative     The Sunny Side of Life Welcome aboard, Maties!

King of the Blogs

Jeremy of American Warmonger is up for his 3rd week as King of the Blogs. Go here to vote. If he doesn’t win, he pledges that he will post a photo of him in a thong. Ha! I already have that photo for when he wins. Which, unlike the Hillary and Babs Boxer photos, is […]

Moonbat Alert!

The BBC has asked people to weigh in on Italian "secret agent" Nicola Calipari’s death. Moonbat central Ms Sgrena is a reporter who wrote some very unflattering reports on US actions in Falluja, a communist, against this war and with little recollection about what went on. However, the driver is quite clear about the events […]

Was Bush Right?

Sean at Everthing I Know is Wrong, among others, has commented on the UK Independents story on "Was Bush right after all?".  The UK Independent gives grudging huzzah’s to President Bush, or, as they more often refer to him, Mr. Bush, over the freedoms that are breaking out in the Middle East. A couple points […]


Was taking a look at Ye Olde Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem, and noticed that, amone the Large Mammals, MoveOn.org is listed. Can anyone explain why MoveOn is listed? They are most certainly not a blog. Not by a long shot. They are most assuredly a standard website. And, ye know what? I’m not giving them […]

I’m a little lost here

The DU Moonbats (are there any that aren’t?) are pushing for "progressives" to sign this Pledge to Protect and Strengthen Social Security. Ok, they are entitled to their opinions. They obviously do not like President Bush’s plan. They want this sent to all their Congress Critters: I pledge to the people of my district and […]

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