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The BBC has asked people to weigh in on Italian "secret agent" Nicola Calipari’s death. Moonbat central

  • Ms Sgrena is a reporter who wrote some very unflattering reports on US actions in Falluja, a communist, against this war and with little recollection about what went on. However, the driver is quite clear about the events that took place and deserves to be believed. The US made a mess of this but you can’t blame the soldiers, they are doing a difficult job. Take it on the chin George and have the grace to admit the mistake. (so, automatically believe the driver, eh? Oh, yeah, that’s right, Bush is pres.)
  • Where in the civilized world can one be safe from the American military juggernaut? Mr Calipari was a hero in the truest sense of the word, and my heart goes out to his family. There are some who accuse that this tragic debacle would not have taken place if a ransom had not been involved, but it was no ransom that murdered Mr Calipari, and it is now patently clear as to why the USA is against an international war crimes court. Julian, Mainz, Germany  (and the world is safe from that vast German military juggernaut thanks to the Americans. Twice)
  • As a US citizen, I offer my condolences to the Calipari family and to the people of Italy. I am grieved for your loss, and I am grieved for my nation’s complicity in this tragic incident. My soul is heartbroken that a number of my countrymen have taken this opportunity not to offer condolences, but to point the finger of blame in the direction of the Italians. I suppose that’s easier and less threatening than taking a hard look at the deficiencies of our present policies and actions, and doing what we can to demand a more honest and righteous government. Denise Spaulding, Catlettsburg, KY, USA (yet you automatically pointed the finger at your own country, Denise.
  • I have just read Ms Sgrena’s first person account of her escape ‘This is the Truth’, in which she is adamant that it was an attempt to kill her which resulted in Mr Calipari’s death. I would trust her testimony over the denials and obfuscations of the US propaganda machine, which is known to be self-serving. Nigel, New Zealand

  • He probably knew something (maybe about the kidnapping) that the US didn’t want anyone to know. Maybe everyone travelling past the armed guards at those checkpoints need to wear body armour. Gita, India

I’ll throw the comments of a wise person into the mix:

Poor Mr Calipari – now Nicola for every Italian – he has done much more than his duty and somebody has the courage to doubt if our presence in Iraq is right or wrong. If Nicola hadn’t been in Iraq the two Simonas wouldn’t have been freed, neither would Ms Sgrena. Stop polemics, please; if journalists are in search of their scoop but they risk their own life, please thank people like Nicola, because it’s only thanks to their sense of duty that they – hostages – can return home. While Nicola can do it no more. Patrizia Zanetti, Verona, Italy


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