Daily Archives: March 24, 2005

Blogrolling issues

Quicky post. For those who rely on manually pinging Blogrolling, like I do, good luck! They are having issues. Try Ping-O-Matic, it is working, and passes the info through to blogrolling.

I’m disgusted

Most who pop in here know I haven’t really taken a stance on the Terri Schiavo disgrace. Partly that is due to not being there in the beginning, and having little knowledge of the issue while trying to play catchup. Also, deeply personal issues which are just that: personal. I applaud those that have been […]

HA. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally got the settings correct for a domain mapping, to replace piratescove.typepad.com/piratescove with thepiratescove.us. SWEET!!!!!!!! What does this mean? Nada for at least a few days. Once the domain mapping is done, people can still get here using the 2 above addresses, as well as piratescove.typepad.com Step one is to do a merge, so, if […]

No Fun League

No, I’m not referring to the NFL. Referring to much of the Left-o-sphere. After reading Dr. Shacklefords post on The Daily Kos and their "interview with the Devil," my first thought was the treatment that the Left affords the Right. Look at the language used. From the Right, we get moonbats, demaloons, nutjobs, wacko’s, idiots. […]

American Flag Bidness

Welcome GM’s Corner to the American Flag League. Welcome aboard, matie! I have also added him to me main blogroll as well. Check him out! Though he, like most, has no pirate thongs in view 🙂 PS: I am torn between 2 great blogs for the King of the Blogs competition, World of Tish and […]

Looking weird

If things start to look a little weird on my site today, it is just me playing with domain mapping and a few other things. Permalinks and/or trackbacks for "thepiratescove.us" should not be used if you see them, nor the domain name for thepiratescove.us. Maybe be fully in effect in a week or so. Thanks […]

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