HA. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally got the settings correct for a domain mapping, to replace piratescove.typepad.com/piratescove with thepiratescove.us. SWEET!!!!!!!!

What does this mean? Nada for at least a few days. Once the domain mapping is done, people can still get here using the 2 above addresses, as well as piratescove.typepad.com

Step one is to do a merge, so, if thinks go wonky, and you see funny stuff in the header, that would explain why.

Step 2 is then mapping. Step 3 is then getting a bunch of alliances to change the domain name. NCBlogs, The Alliance, Homespun Bloggers, plus fixing Sitemeter (which should be interesting, stats wise, since I am adding another address, messing up traffic further :D). Then, if what happens that I think is going to happen, eventually getting NZ Bear to dump the old Ecosphere link and make sure that the new one has the piratescove.typepad.com/piratescove in it, instead of ending with piratesove.

Screw it. If I lose links, so be it. I’ll just work to get them back. Besides, there are alot that are piratescove.typepad.com that do not show up for me now. ANd, BTW, alot of what I just wrote was to lay it out for myself.

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2 Responses to “HA. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Janette says:

    Well I appreciate the attack plan! I own commonsenserunswild.com and it’s mapped to my typepad site (that only took two days to figure out). At some point I need to go through all the steps that you listed.

    I’m always a big chicken about screwing with the tech stuff. I always EVENTUALLY figure it out, but I’ve never gotten any of right the first time. I’d say that I’m learning as I go along but the truth is, when I do get something right it’s more of a fluke than anything else.

  2. well, now that I have it all figured out, when you get around to doing it, let me know. More then happy to help.

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