Daily Archives: March 18, 2005

American Flag Bidness

Intersting. Ye scurvy dogs welcome United Bloggers of America to the Flag League. Nice to know that someone else had the same idea that I did. Welcome aboard! From now on, I will be posting on both sites. Why not, they are short posts. PS: I meant on my Pirate’s Cove and American Flag sites […]

How Will the Left Spin This?

Via Fox News: The Bush administration blacked out almost all the information in hundreds of documents before releasing them to a conservative organization looking into President Clinton’s controversial pardons four years ago on his last day in office.       The only items not deleted from the material are the names of the person who […]

Tarheel Tavern

Don’t forget about the weekly Tarheel Tavern, folks. Email your responses, or trackback.

Not Evil Enough

Abi Rhodes of Zigzag Wanderings has correctly pointed out that I shouldn’t have used an appostrophe in my post "Let’s Listen to the Commie‘s." She is correct. My bad. However, I found this while persuing her site. I was hoping for a little higher on the evil side. I guess I am backsliding now that […]

Taking the Challenge

Patterico has a challenge (hat tip to Steve at Secure Liberty) I think it’s time to put the question to you directly.  Who out there will make this pledge: If the FEC makes rules that limit my First Amendment right to express my opinion on core political issues, I will not obey those rules. I’ll […]

Welcome to the World of Fraud

Wow. So, I recieved a call from my credit card companies fraud department, asking if I made a $3000 purchase on the internet. I said "no damn way." I hadn’t even called in to activate the card. I’ve had it since Feb 2004, it is a backup card. The only thing I have ever bought […]

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