How Will the Left Spin This?

Via Fox News:

The Bush administration blacked out almost all the information in hundreds of documents before releasing them to a conservative organization looking into President Clinton’s controversial pardons four years ago on his last day in office.      

The only items not deleted from the material are the names of the person who wrote the document and the person it was sent to.

The government accountability group Judicial Watch said Friday that it received the Justice Department documents following a court battle that featured a Republican administration fighting to keep secret documents generated by its Democratic predecessor.

The Bush White House has argued that releasing pardon-related documents would have a chilling effect on internal discussions leading up to presidential action on such requests.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton called it an instance of the Bush administration covering up a Clinton administration scandal.

How will they be able to spin this to condemn GWB despite Bush protecting Slick? Go here to see how. It is hilarious! I just cannot do it credit by posting a few of the responses.

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One Response to “How Will the Left Spin This?”

  1. JulieB says:

    Lets see. I can do this, i’m sure. Um, the documents, since they were from a Dem administration, contained something damaging to Republicans currently in office.
    Hey? OK OK, it’s a stretch, but i had to give it a toss.

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