Daily Archives: March 4, 2005

American Flag added

Welcome The Terriorists to the American Flag League.

The Pope Dying is Not Funny

I caught the link to the 52 Funniest Things about Pope John Paul II dying somewhere or other, but never got the chance to read it. Go see Secure Liberty, SteveL has the information. I’ve got a sense of humor and generally believe that people need to get over themselves and quit crying about being […]

Smells like a setup to me

Italian "hostage" Giuliana Sgrena was released today, then injured by US Forces as her car sped towards a roadblock setup in Iraq near the Baghdad airport. Smells fishy, rather like a setup. Much like her kidnapping in the first place. See Dr. Shackleford at My Pet Jawa for the 411. I cannot wait to see […]

A Typepad Hint

Do not change your archives from Day/Week to Week/Month. I did this, and it totally fragged me in regards to visits from Google, Yahoo, etc. None of my individual posts would show in the search engines. Only the weekly and monthly archives. Don’t do it!

Ted Rall Goes To Far (yet again)

Via Damnum Absque Injuria (don’t screw with XRLQ, BTW). If Bush really was like Hitler, Ted Rall wouldn’t have the Freedom to publish trash like this. He would just disappear into the night through the fog. Or maybe not. Maybe he would just be publicly taken, then something bad done to him. The final frame, […]

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