Daily Archives: March 23, 2005

FEC and Bloggers

The Democracy Project has the FYI on proposed rule-making from the FEC regarding the Internet and "public communication." (Hat tip to Prof. Reynolds) Looks like Cass might be right here and here. Ornery woman 😉 One point of note: This comment is by Brent Tantillo, also of the Democracy Project. The main wrinkle in the […]

This has got to hurt

Headline on CNN.com: Iraqi, U.S. forces overrun rebel base, kill 85 Not one mention in the headline of US or Iraqi troops wounded or killed in the headline. Has someone kidnapped all the CNN supervisory staff? A few quick blurbs. The U.S. role in the battle was primarily to provide helicopter support, the U.S. military […]

It’s the media’s fault

There is a bill in the NC Legislature to toughen seat belt laws, forcing all passengers to wear one, raising the fines for non-compliance from $25 to $50, and giving the driver 1 point. Barry Bonds says it’s the media’s fault. I wonder what he would say about school buses not having seat belts? NC […]

American Flag Bidness

Welcome aboard to Resistance is Futile to the American Flag League!

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