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Boston learns about Anarchy

Via Michele Malkin (who still hasn’t blogrolled me. Hey, it’s worth a shot :D), from the Boston Herald: Local Joint Terrorist Task Force investigators are keeping close tabs on a group of anarchists hellbent on creating a classless society – using armed resistance if necessary, the Herald has learned. Anarchist Black Cross Federation, an organization […]

Hughes, Nixon, Bribes, Watergate

Now this is interesting: A chief Senate Watergate investigator told "60 Minutes" that Howard Hughes gave a $100,000 bribe to President Nixon and that may have led to the break-in that started the chain of events that culminated with Nixon’s resignation in 1974, according to a report aired Sunday. Terry Lenzner, who was assistant chief […]

Fienstein Pushing Asaault Rifle Ban

Diane Fienstien is planning on reintroducing the Assault Weapons Ban that Congress (not Bush) let lapse in 2004. California Sen. Dianne Feinstein renewed one of Washington’s long- running and most bitterly fought battles Friday, saying she will introduce legislation seeking to reinstate the federal assault weapons ban that expired in September after 10 years. Gun […]

This is why we need to defeat the terrorists

Via Dr S. at My Pet Jawa (sorry, Dr. S, I like that better then the Jawa Report) comes a story of the rescue of an American citizen in Iraq. US citizen Hussein al-Saadi, 10, who was kidnapped for a ransom of 150,000 US dollars ( 113, 178 Euro ) two weeks ago, is kissed […]

Wedgies Award

I will admit, I have been rather remiss about discussing politics as of late. I was getting a bit burned out on it. I like partisan politics. Left vs. Right, ideas, agendas, facts. But, it is hard to debate whose policies are better when all I see from the Left is “I hate Bush.” Their […]

Is the Dead Blogs Blog dead?

If you have never seen it, there is a blog listed on the NCBlogs weblog (one of our 2 versions of the Bear League), there is a site called the Dead Blogs Blog, which: Proudly celebrating dead blogs, blogs that are about to die, and blogs that should be dead. You know– the good, bad, […]

American Flag-Folks added

Welcome aboard to Keith Devens, whose blog goes by the same name. Welcome The Alliance site. I cannot believe I missed the Alliance banner. I found out through Keith that Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog had a post up about it. Maybe I should pay attention to who is linking to the American Flag blog […]


How be everyone? Been fishing most of the afternoon and into the evening. Ok, mostly casting and drinking. Got a couple bass, some catfish, and a few sunnies. Be careful touching your keyboard or mouse: I am transmitting fish smell through the internet(s). On a separate note, this is a photo a friend sent me. […]

BTK in Custody

The "person of interest" in the Bind, Torture, Kill" case is no longer of interest: Witchita, Kansas authorities have just stated that that person is, in fact, the person accused of being BTK. More to come later. Update: The mans name is Dennis Rader.

FCC doesn’t smack someone around

In a change from what we have come to expect, the FCC has actually ruled that a show wasn’t "indecent." A love scene from the canceled TV show "Angel" that showed a female character turning into a vampire and biting her partner’s neck did not overstep federal indecency rules, the Federal Communications Commission ruled Friday. […]

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