Daily Archives: February 12, 2005

Rushdie Still Under Fatwa

And Kedwards, the Left, and the EU want to work with these sub-humans why? Iran’s hard-line Revolutionary Guards have declared the death sentence on British author Salman Rushdie is still valid – 16 years after it was issued. The military organisation, loyal to Iran’s supreme leader, said the order was "irrevocable", on the eve of […]

More Bloggers canned

People just do not take advice well. How many times do I have to write not to write stuff negative about the company you work for? Apparently, once more. Maybe, instead of putting these posts under weblog, I should create a new category, like dumbass bloggers. Under the pseudonym of Sarcastic Journalist, Rachel Mosteller wrote […]

The Blessings of Liberty: President Bush and Fascism

W.B. Rodgers of The Blessings of Liberty takes on the whole Left calling Republicans fascists thing. Great post. Go here to read it. When someone makes claims that seem, prima facie, outlandish, many will simply reject them out of hand. Often, though, those who made those claims in the first place proudly conjecture that since […]

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