Daily Archives: February 26, 2005


How be everyone? Been fishing most of the afternoon and into the evening. Ok, mostly casting and drinking. Got a couple bass, some catfish, and a few sunnies. Be careful touching your keyboard or mouse: I am transmitting fish smell through the internet(s). On a separate note, this is a photo a friend sent me. […]

BTK in Custody

The "person of interest" in the Bind, Torture, Kill" case is no longer of interest: Witchita, Kansas authorities have just stated that that person is, in fact, the person accused of being BTK. More to come later. Update: The mans name is Dennis Rader.

FCC doesn’t smack someone around

In a change from what we have come to expect, the FCC has actually ruled that a show wasn’t "indecent." A love scene from the canceled TV show "Angel" that showed a female character turning into a vampire and biting her partner’s neck did not overstep federal indecency rules, the Federal Communications Commission ruled Friday. […]

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