Daily Archives: February 19, 2005

Took Care of JulieB’s yard

Took care of most of Julie with a B’s backyard. Rest is up to you, Julie. See, I can use my powers for good, now and then.

Will Kerry Ever Sign His 180’s?

Howard Sowell of Real Clear Politics is asking why Big Media is ignoring Kerry saying he would sign his Form 180 (Hat tip to Cas at Villainous Company, who, I hope, is not holding her breathe, as I said in the comments.) One document whose authenticity is not likely to be questioned by the mainstream […]

Caption This

Linked to the Outside the Beltway Caption Contest

OTB: New name for the blogosphere

I’m a little late chiming in on this challenge by Outside the Beltway to find a new name for the blogophere, but let me throw a couple out there. (hat tip Little Miss Attila) Pajamasphere Jammiesphere Weblosphere ABM: ankle biter media Spine Biter Land (can only be applied to the Right side of the sphere) […]

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