Daily Archives: February 1, 2005

Toy Soldiers

I am not so sure that this shouldn’t be under humor instead of War on Terror. In surfing the pajamasphere, I was wondering what the deal was with the soldier thing. I guess reading the news might have made sense. Hat tip to American Dinosaur for explaining the deal. Now, I may not be the […]

Top 10 Sourpusses

Michelle Malkin (who has never linked me, BTW. 🙁 Hey, it works for others) has a list of the top 10 Post Iraqi Election Sourpusses (hat tip Blogs for Bush). Great list, except for Hey Mo (woo woo woo woo woo woo) Dowd. As she notes, Mo Howard Dowd is always a sourpuss. And a […]

No more today

Quite frankly, the Pirate Teach has partaken too much grog after a long conference today, and is really in no condition to either read the news nor comment on it. So, y’all do me a favor, and go over to Little Miss Attila, and wish her well. It is a favor I shall repay, mateys. […]

More on the Man Who Was Declared Dead

Headline from WRAL.com: Report Finds Several Mistakes Lead to Man Being Declared Dead Ya think? Franklin County workers checked a man’s vital signs only once before wrongly declaring him dead and saw his eyes twitch afterwards, but chalked it up to involuntary muscle movements, according to a report. The report found that only one emergency […]

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