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Report Finds Several Mistakes Lead to Man Being Declared Dead

Ya think?

Franklin County workers checked a man’s vital signs only once before wrongly declaring him dead and saw his eyes twitch afterwards, but chalked it up to involuntary muscle movements, according to a report.

The report found that only one emergency responder checked for vital signs. Another one who was on the call said "that’s good enough for me" and did not check Green’s condition.

Batton read a long list of people who could have also checked the vital signs, but did not.

"Four trained paramedics who shared in the responsibility to provide care to Mr. Green allowed themselves to be talked out of what care could have been given to Mr. Green," Batton said at a meeting Monday night that drew dozens of people who wanted to hear the report.

I believe some people need to pick up the phone and call a lawyer. I won’t make a snide remark about John Edwards being free for Mr. Green’s family.

Furthermore, two of the paramedics had their licenses suspended by the State, and were fired by Franklin County.

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