Daily Archives: February 16, 2005

Charlotte a Target, Part II

Way back on October 12, 2004, I wrote a piece in response to an assertion by a lefty on a political forum that Charlotte, NC, was not a good terrorist target. I made the claim that it was. This stems back to the Pakistani man, Kamran Akhtar, that pled guilty to several charges after being […]

Some Southern Tips for Dr. Dean

Dr "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for" Dean apparently wants to do what he can to win back the Southern States for the Demorats. Yes, I know, this is the same party that keeps calling us Southerners (always capitalized!) right wing wacko Rednecks, among other slurs. So, I humbly offer my advice […]

Light Posting today

Busy busy busy today. Having one of the yearly audits today. Wish me luck. BTW, for those with HaloScan that used to get some comments from me during the day, no longer. HaloScan, like Sitemeter, is now blocked by the corporate firewall. So, those comments I would leave during lunch? No longer. Sorry.

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