Daily Archives: February 2, 2005

Cool Blog Trick

Found some very interesting tricks today, while searching for a redirect code. When I domain map to the new address (thepiratescove.us), I want make the current address, which will still work, shift to the new one. That’s a story for a later date. However, courtesy of Learning Moveable Type, I found a cool trick, which […]

Libs very quiet on the Iraqi elections

You remeber, those elections that we were told would Never happen Be delayed fail miserably paint the streets red with blood So far, 0-4. Persuing the Washington Times, we see that many of the leading moonbats have had little to say. Nada from Soros, Fat Mike, or Jimmy "worst president ever" Carter. The Carter Center […]

American Flag-Folks added

Added Cary’s Rants to the list. First Democratic site added to the list. Welcome Cary aboard!

The Redhunter on Iraq

Just perusing some blogs, and came across The Redhunter, who has a great essay on the Iraqi elections. I think he has hit on a good point which I have mention on here on 2 separate occasions (here and here), the Iraq Liberation Act. Lots on the left want to forget about that, since Kerry […]

A Democratic Distraction

Congressional Demorats obviously do not like President Bush’s push for Social Security reform. They are up in arms about it, and bloviating furiously. "We are willing to talk with the president when he has a plan" for Social Security, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada said as the White House geared up for an […]

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