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Found some very interesting tricks today, while searching for a redirect code. When I domain map to the new address (, I want make the current address, which will still work, shift to the new one. That’s a story for a later date.

However, courtesy of Learning Moveable Type, I found a cool trick, which should work for everyone. If you look at my left side bar, you will see two drop down boxes: Categories and Archives (I decided to republish using monthly rather then weekly). It is really a very easy trick to do.

Here is what the code looks like for the categories. I have cut it down to a few lines for display purposes, and have removed the < and > at the beginning and end:

form action="">
<select onchange="document.location=options[selectedIndex].value;" >
<option value="">Select Category</option>
<option value="">American Flag</option>
<option value="">Books</option>
<option value="">Current Affairs</option>
<option value="">Environment</option>
<option value="">Film</option>
<option value="">GWB</option>
<option value="">Holidays</option>

In essence, I have one line for each of my categories. Should be interesting when I go and domain map, as that changes all the permalinks.

For the monthly archives, I just did the same with each of those pages. You can do it weekly or however you want. Only difference is that I renamed the 3rd line words from Select Category to Monthly.

Now, to put this on your blog. It is simpler then you may think. I had to do some playing around before I got it. Tips are accepted 🙂

All you do is add the code exactly as you would for any side bar addition as you usually do it. For Typepad, this means using the People Typelist form, then adding the code in the One Line Bio box. That is it. Then, do your thing in the edit design area, first enabling in Content, then putting it where you want it in order. I also turned of the Typepad default Categories and Archives checkboxes.

One other trick, which I have know for a long time. You can see what some other people have done by looking at their source code. In IE, go to View, choose source. In Firefox, view, then page source. This gives you all the html coding. For instance, the standard Google Search Box code was too wide, and I wanted the search parameters (Pirate’s Cove and Google) stacked. So, I went to Everthing I Know is Wrong, and lifted it. Ok, stole it. Then reformated it using my specific info. Problem solved. This is also how I learned the pop up links trick.

One last thing. Do not make your categories names to long. It may stretch out your sidebar. My left one is a wee bit bigger from the Categories one then it used to be. The Google search box used to very slightly overlap the center posting section. Now it doesn’t. If you need help, let me know. More then happy to help.

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2 Responses to “Cool Blog Trick”

  1. That technique worked great. Thanks so much for the tip, it’s made NegativeMode a better blog (not really, but now maybe people will be more impressed with my html skillz). You’ll get much love on my blog at Check it out, and keep up the good work. Thanks again!

  2. Syd Johnson says:

    This is a really cool trick. I came across your site because I was trying to find more tricks on how to customize the typepad templates.

    I’m trying to redo my archives so that posts are listed by titles instead of the full posts which can be long and require too much scrolling. If you have any ideas please let me know.

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