Daily Archives: February 20, 2005

American Flag Folks

Welcome new member, Absinthe and Cookies.

Secret USS Jimmy Cartah photo!

I have obtained a secret photo from the Navy database, showing the USS Jimmy Cartah’s (Southern pronuncation) stealth mode.

Housekeeping thing

just trying to get the TLB ecosystem to recognize a domain name change Typepad headers will not allow the code to show through in the header. Well, that didn’t work. Guess I won’t be able to use the domain name I bought, unless I trash my TTLB rankings and start fresh.

Hillary See’s It

Sorry, don’t have another Hillary photo today. I am sure everyone is disappointed that they can keep their breakfast down. However, we do have a great quote from her: "The fact that you have these suicide bombers now, wreaking such hatred and violence while people pray, is to me, an indication of their failure," Clinton […]

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