Daily Archives: February 18, 2005

See, it’s that privatization thing

Uh oh. Somethings wonky in Canada, Contrarians (hat tip to Tom’s Rants, via The Eclectic Econoclast, who lives in Ontario) The Canadian Pension Plan [CPP] has a reserve fund that is invested in the market, not in special gubmnt securities, as is the U.S. Social Security fund. Last year, this reserve fund earned a return […]

Evening, Y’all

How be everyone, aarrggh? I appreciate everyone’s input on the bag. I am thinking that it has to go back. Perfect for the laptop, though. Maybe a few Iron Maiden stickers? On a personal note, after slaving away, my store managed to achieve a 96.8% on our audit. This is very important for me, since, […]

Air Illegal

After all this time of reading the Leftist MSM’s, I wonder if I have become too sensitive and critical to their writing. This article by Donna Lienwand of the USA Today just seems to have that "somehow, this is bad and it is the Bush Admins fault" feel to it. You read and decide. Ana […]

Too Girly?

A dumb question for you folks out there. I bought a new backpack the other day. Some of my folks tell me it looks to girly, some say it’s fine. I have been looking for a small backpack for my laptop for quite some time. I have a small laptop, 12", and it ‘taint easy […]

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