Too Girly?

A dumb question for you folks out there. I bought a new backpack the other day. Some of my folks tell me it looks to girly, some say it’s fine. I have been looking for a small backpack for my laptop for quite some time. I have a small laptop, 12", and it ‘taint easy finding a small bag. Wilson’s Leather is having a sale, and I obtained it for $75, normally $200. The bag I had bought initially is huge, way more then I need for work. Go here, and tell me what you think, if you don’t mind.

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10 Responses to “Too Girly?”

  1. SteveL says:

    It’s borderline. If it’s really small it might look too much like those backpack purses teenage girls favor. Leather doesn’t help. If it was beat up and scuffed, perhaps even brown, that might seem more “manly”.

  2. Woody says:

    It’s borderline… and that’s being generous. Perhaps the messenger bag shown below can carry the laptop? It seems a little more “gender neutral” to me.

  3. Ogre says:

    You are such a fag! 😉

    No, I’m kidding. It might work, but to save your masculinity, you might want to carry it by the handle rather than actually wear it as a backpack. In the picture, at least, is DOES look like those backpack/purses that all the teen are wearing.

  4. Chad says:

    I dunno… it does look rather girly I’m afraid. When I needed something like that I picked up a flapdoozy… sounds weird, but works nicely. Like this one:

  5. Patty-Jo says:

    Sorry. Yes it is too girly. Looks like a purse. I like it, myself. The handle/strap should be on the long side for a guy, and the pockets are too pouffy for a guy.

  6. ikw3804 says:

    Sorry to say ole boy- it looks exactly like my wife’s purse….
    Don’t forget to pack the lip stick… just kidding……

  7. Just give every body a hearty “AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGH!” and an icy stare and you’ll be fine.

    A sword wouldn’t hurt either…

  8. janette says:

    You already bought it, right? Well it’s swishy. I mean so swishy that people will start singing show tunes in their heads when you walk into the room. I’m just being honest.

    Here’s the solution. Beat the crap out of it. Sand it with sandpaper, run over it, do what ever you can to butch that fag bag up.

    The way it is, you’re going to look like a Johnny Depp pirate carrying it.

  9. I think I am going to have to return it, see if one of the other stores has the other style of backpack. Oh well.

    I appreciate, y’all.

  10. westkitty says:

    for petes sake its name is Chelsea

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