Daily Archives: February 4, 2005

Devils Get New Arena

Not that it makes all that much difference at the moment, with the NHL season sure to be cancelled for the first time ever, but, my team, the New Jersey Devils, have finally reached an agreement with the city of Newark to build a new $310 million arena in time for the 2007-2008 season, finally […]

Issue with a Right Winger

One of the refrains that I often hear from the left is that we right wingers never attack our own. That is not true, but, yes, we do not do it often. However, I take exception to Fox News’ John Gibson over his "My Word" for today. I caught his act by accident, flipping the […]

NC Decides-’bout friggin time

Finally, North Carolina has a new Agricultural Commissioner. Today, current Democratic Commissioner Britt Cobb conceded to challenger, Republican Steve Troxler. The issue goes back to the issues in Carteret County, which the Dems nationally have said is proof of "massive, widespread, intentional, fraud by the Republicans and George Bush." Let me stop laughing for a […]

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