NC Decides-’bout friggin time

Finally, North Carolina has a new Agricultural Commissioner. Today, current Democratic Commissioner Britt Cobb conceded to challenger, Republican Steve Troxler. The issue goes back to the issues in Carteret County, which the Dems nationally have said is proof of "massive, widespread, intentional, fraud by the Republicans and George Bush." Let me stop laughing for a moment. In case anyone is wondering, this position is rather important to a state like North Carolina, as the person who holds the position is in charge of quite a few portions of the North Carolina economy, as well as the State Fair (not meant as sarcasm).

Cobb has stated: "By ending my contest of this election, I hope to enable the board to certify Mr. Troxler without resort to the affidavits and to enable the General Assembly to reform our elections laws to prevent a situation like this from occurring in the future."

Nope, sorry Mr. Cobb. You were down by 2200 votes in Carteret County, a county that is predominantly Republican. Were there a re-vote, and all the votes in that county were counted, you may have lost worse. But, at least he conceded gracefully, mostly.

Update: Also blogging the story is Ogre at Ogre’s Politics and Views.

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