Issue with a Right Winger

One of the refrains that I often hear from the left is that we right wingers never attack our own. That is not true, but, yes, we do not do it often. However, I take exception to Fox News’ John Gibson over his "My Word" for today.

I caught his act by accident, flipping the TV on when I got home. The boob tube was on Fox from this am. He is nice enough to have a transcipt of his bloviation on Fox’s website.

Apparently, he is a little po’d about the Trasportation Security Administration giving him a hard time. I am sorry that he is such a big shot that he cannot deal with the same delays that us peons go through. See, the thing is, it is very easy to train folks outside of the field, but, sooner or later, they need to be out in the real world to learn what to do. If one wants to be a smartazz, one gets what one deserves.

Hey, I do the same thing. Empty all my pockets, take the shoes off, not metal. I no longer wear jeans to the airport. All those metal buttons. I never wear boots. Metal. I wear loose pants, making it easier to pull up my right pant leg to show the scar over my knee where the stainless steel rod was inserted in my lower leg. And, if I get delayed, no biggie. I show up early. We all want to be safe flying. We can all put up with a little inconvenience. Matter of fact, I was delayed myself on my return trip from Newark to Raleigh when I mentioned to the TSA monitor that the scanner failed to go off. I had forgotten to remove my all metal watch. I was happy to help them.

This is what happens when a bureaucracy gets to the point that it can justify whatever it does: We just want to make sure you have a safe flight, we have our procedures, sir, you must have set off the machine.

No, I must have made some miniature Napoleon mad and they decided to exercise their power. I missed the flight, just as planned.

So what’s the difference between me and another poor slob who gets the same treatment? I can speak up and I’m going to.

Or perhaps you could say "thank you" to the TSA people for doing their job for crappy pay to keep you butt from being on a flight that is hijacked or blown up, or both.

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6 Responses to “Issue with a Right Winger”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Saw the same thing today. He said he missed his flight…my solution…get there ealier you moron. 🙂

    I got “secondary searched” a few weeks ago headed to Denver AND back. Good. I’m 23 and male. They should search anyone that ever remotely resembles me.

  2. JulieB says:

    So, heck, the guy could get to the airport early like everyone else. My driver’s license is expired, so that automatically puts me in the bad passenger line. I know, I know, I’ll get it done. Anyhow, had a great conversation with the woman with the beeper wand. I have number of things that set it off. The guys searching thru my bags (next time i’m putting the black lace panties in there, just for them) found nothing but the digital camera, chargers for said camera, cell-phone, and laptop, a couple trashy romance novels, and yesterdays shirt and underwear (not black lace). Pretty boring. We had a good conversation about the laptop tho. I like it because it has a large, bright screen. Anyhow. Nice people, no sweat, no bad words, and I kinda felt better – like driving with your seat belt on.

  3. Hmmm, black lace panties….. nope, don’t think it would work to well for me.

    I have an old soft style briefcase that has had so many cell phones, cameras, electronics, batteries, etc, that they always used the bomb detection wand. While a pain, better safe then sorry. I cannot wait to hear what Gibson says next.

  4. Patty-Jo says:

    Arrogant booger. Too bad they can’t get the word out, “If you see this guy search him good!”

  5. Janette says:

    Underwire bras! Why are women still wearing underwire bras when they KNOW they’re going to be going through security? And then they complain they have to go through a pat down. Idiots. It’s not like there’s not been plenty of publicity about these problems.

  6. krakatoa says:


    At least he’s not as bad as some Radio personalities. Savage seems to go by the precept that screaming at and insulting your callers is a perfect excuse for not being able to rationally defend your point of view. I heard a re-broad of a Larry Elder show where he refused to let a caller even debate the idea that there are some jobs Americans won’t work. Elder interrupted the poor guy, then whenever they guy tried to respond Larry starts Peroting “can I finish, can I finish, can I finish?” and finally hangs up the call. Ugh. I can do without that thank you.

    It is an awfully darned rare man who is never wrong. Rarer still it seems, is the celebrity, quasi or otherwise, that is able to entertain the concept they could be wrong.

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