Devils Get New Arena

Not that it makes all that much difference at the moment, with the NHL season sure to be cancelled for the first time ever, but, my team, the New Jersey Devils, have finally reached an agreement with the city of Newark to build a new $310 million arena in time for the 2007-2008 season, finally replacing that piece of garbage known as the Continental Airlines Arena. BTW, that is no smack at Continental, since they are my preferred carrier, just at that rat trap of a stadium.

Wisely, it will be near a train station. I would expect that it would have much better access then the CAA. The CAA is just a bad place to see hockey (or basketball). For you, the non NJ Devils fan, you probably do not really care about the details. For the Devils fans, you already know them. So, I will make it brief.

First, when people mention the swamps of Jersey, they are referencing north Jersey. Getting folks to go to lots of games during the winter months, while the cold wind whips over lots of open areas with lots of water, is difficult. Parking is ok. It is the leaving that blows. Inside, seating is terrible, and the sound is muted. Some of the new arenas, such as the RBC Center here in Raleigh, have great parking, great seating, and great sound. The RBC Center is considered the loudest in the NHL.

What it means to us Devils fans is attendence. We already have one of the best franchises in the NHL. If you non Devils fans want proof, ask, and ye shall recieve. Let me just say 3 in 9, 4 appearences. Lots more proof if you like. But, attendence for a 41 game home schedule at the CAA is difficult. We should see that rise considerably, and stay high, as long as it is easy to leave the property. Folks travel from all over NJ to see the games. Cut out 30-45 minutes, and attendence increases.

Go Devils!

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2 Responses to “Devils Get New Arena”

  1. Ogre says:

    I find it rather silly that they’re building a stadium for no one to play in — who says the strike will end soon?

  2. The NHL will be back, eventually, but no telling in what form. Will the stars be back? Those who make alot of money? No telling.

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