Daily Archives: February 23, 2005

Village Penguins

First, we had the problem with gay penguins. Then, the issue with letting gay penguins be gay penguins. Now, they are on a 40 city tour.

Florida Dems scared: Blogging EVERYWHERE!

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Breaking news from Tallahasse. The blogosphere is everywhere. Tallahasse Democrats in a panic. Heh. (hat tip The Blog Herald)

Bondo Deflecto

Maybe I should have put this post about Barry Bonds in the Raving Moonbats category. The man knows how to deflect. Barry Bonds sidestepped a peppering of steroids questions in the very way teams avoid pitching to him — and did it with the same prickly demeanor that has defined him for years. Bonds angrily […]

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