Bondo Deflecto

Maybe I should have put this post about Barry Bonds in the Raving Moonbats category. The man knows how to deflect.

Barry Bonds sidestepped a peppering of
steroids questions in the very way teams avoid pitching to him —
and did it with the same prickly demeanor that has defined him for

Bonds angrily avoided inquiries about his role in baseball’s
steroid scandal upon his arrival at spring training Tuesday,
pronouncing himself weary but ready to resume his pursuit of Hank
Aaron’s home run record.

Hmmm, how about your persuit of that elusive World Series ring, Barry? Which is more important? Is it any wonder that the media and so many fans do not like Bonds? He is a SF Giant, and I’m a Dodger fan, so I hate him even more.

Bonds was entertaining as usual. Asked directly whether he’d
ever used illegal substances, he said:

"I’m not a child. You repeat those things to children and then
eventually they tell you. I don’t."


"You guys are like re-running stories," Bonds said to more
than 100 reporters in attendance. "This is old stuff. It’s like
watching ‘Sanford and Son.’ It’s almost comical, basically. … Are
you guys jealous, upset, disappointed, what?"

No, Barry, we would like you to respond to the allegations as an adult. Since you still haven’t answered the question regarding steroid use.

"I don’t know what cheating is," he said. "I don’t believe
steroids can help your eye-hand coordination, technically hit a
baseball. I just don’t believe it. That’s my opinion."

That is not the issue, Barry. The issue is the ability to hit a tape measure home run, and to hit many more. You hit 73, when you had never hit 50 in your career. You put on 40 pounds between seasons. Your trainer was rubbing ointment on you that you have no clue what it was.

However, he does understand the MSM’s:

   "All of you guys have lied," he said. I wasn’t aware that Rather was in San Fransico.

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5 Responses to “Bondo Deflecto”

  1. Ogre says:

    He sounds an awful lot like a politician…

  2. Janette says:

    Blech! He sounds an awful lot like a spoiled, over paid cheating, lying BRAT!

    Personally I would care less what these idiots do to their own bodies if it weren’t for the fact that every kid that’s any good in high school sports is headed down the same dangerous road.

    As long as there are idiots running around “juiced” kids are going to think they have to do the same to competein college and pro sports.

    Bonds and his ilk need to be tested, retested, suspended and fired if they keep it up.

    And yes, all those records need to have footnotes.

  3. Barry Bonds Strikes Out

    Gene over at Sideline Squawkbox sums up my feelings on the use of steroids in baseball. He makes a great argument that it’s not about the idiots that use steroids, it’s about setting an example for our kids. Personally, I

  4. Ogre says:

    Overpaid? Cheating? Lying? Yup, sounds like a politician…

  5. Janette says:

    Hmm…yes I guess your comment was more concise than my rant.

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