Daily Archives: February 21, 2005

King of the Blogs

Jeremy from America Warmonger is one of the competitors for King of the Blogs this week. Go vote for him here. That’s all for today, folks. I’m beat. Had a major MSG allergy attack over the weekend, just tuckered. And, internet is being a bit wonky this evening. Tommorrow I will have a post up […]

Email on Your Cell Phone

Because life is more then politics, I bring an interesting way to get your email on your phone, for the 46 million Cingular customers. I was having a conversation on a forum, and one poster was asking how to get their email on their phone. Now, Cingular’s infrastructure, like most of the other carriers, is […]

Yeeeeeaaahhhh Me!

Just gotta share. After tons of work, my store recieved a 96.8 on our audit.  Though they don’t read my blog (they are pretty much all Dems), I would still like to send my thanks. I would like to digress a bit. I am often quite partisan in my shots at Democrats. However, I have […]

For Patty Jo

How about a bonus?

A new low

Powerline enters the world of the Moonbat. Seems that Kos and Atrios "sicced their readers" on the guys. (PS, sorry about no trackback, guys, doesn’t seem to want to populate on your blog) These are not nice people. In addition to emailing us at our feedback address with every manner of invective, they called my […]

New American Flag Folks

Welcome aboard to the Flag League: Little Red Blog Liberal Quicksand The Mighty Righty

How do ye write, swabbie or swabbette?

Ye need to head on over and try the Gender Genie, which will tell ye whether your writing be male or female (hat tip to Cassandra at Villainous Company, via Tigerhawk). I’ll admit, some of me stuff comes out female, some male. Checked about 10 posts, was about 7-3 male. I checked out some of […]

Just remember, it’s not about the sex.

Isn’t that what the Lefties keep telling us? It’s not about the sex? Kurtz has been complaining to anyone who’ll listen about the horrors of progressive bloggers poking into Guckert’s "private life". Apparently, he doesn’t know that prostition is the world’s oldest profession. People are digging into Guckert’s professional life, not his private life. But […]

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