Daily Archives: February 3, 2005

Blogosphere Brawl

I really had no intention of chiming in, other then commenting on others blogs, on the whole blogwar between Cheese and Crackers and Austins Blog (hat tip to Brain Shavings, where I first ran across the story). But, the more I ran across it, the more pissed off I got. And, hey, a blog is […]

Need to Lay off the Crack

From the Guardian Unlimited. Shows Steve Bell didn’t actually listen to the 2005 SOTU. His email is on that page. Drop him a line.

Just to Tick off the women

Just to tick off any of the women that pop in (Hat tip to SalMonella2), go here.

Gonzales Confirme-Libs lose more of their base

Good new all around. Alberto Gonzales was confirmed today as Attorney General, the first ever hispanic to gain that position. In an off note, it is a shame that everyone, including myself, has to note that. Continuing the good news, the Dems continue to piss off their base by voting against him. The Senate voted […]

A Bit More on Social Security

Does this sound familiar? An administration official said, "There’s a substantial chance that by March, the Republicans will be attacking the Democrats as socialists and Democrats will be accusing Republicans of wanting your grandmother to survive on cat food." That was November, 1998. Clinton was pushing for Social Security reform. Sounds a bit like the […]

My Tax Refund Challenge

The Democrats ultimate answer for everything seems to be "raise taxes." Now they are saying "roll back the tax break on the wealthy and give it to the Social Security fund." Yeah, that will work. I’m sure the Congress Critters on both sides of the aisle will never touch that money. So, here is my […]

American Flag-Folks added

Serenity Through Hope add to the Flag League. Welcome aboard, Pastor Rick Hill! Just an FYI: don’t get upset with me if I discuss the Devils, or you see the word NCDevil. It referes to the New Jersey Devils hockey team and a screen name I often use on forums 🙂

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