Florida Dems scared: Blogging EVERYWHERE!

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Breaking news from Tallahasse. The blogosphere is everywhere. Tallahasse Democrats in a panic. Heh. (hat tip The Blog Herald)

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7 Responses to “Florida Dems scared: Blogging EVERYWHERE!”

  1. anonyMoses says:

    Hard to follow your logic.
    At both bloggercons in NC, most people were Democrats. One Republican at Greensboro lamented that Republicans had not yet even learned email.

    But beyond that…consider who is in power, in every branch. And consider how much they like to control information.

    Yes…it is good that blogging is taking off.
    Off comes the masks! Bring on the truth!

    But maybe you are envisioning infinite spin…


  2. I probably should have had this under Pyratical Silliness as well as weblogs. No logic involved. Just being goofy on this one, based on the headline.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Leave it to a dem to read too much into something. Like that’s never happened before. hehe.

    (in a low, fragile, whispered voice:)
    I see blog people. They’re everywhere.

  4. Maybe the blogosphere should have a ghost in pajamas as it’s official symbol 😉

  5. Janette says:

    From the way that article reads you’d think that Michael Jackson or Scott Ritter had moved into the neighborhood.

  6. Ogre says:

    I could mention something about the fact that Lefties/Democrats tend to be unemployed/on the public dole, while Republicans tend to be working and that’s why things like bloggercons are attended by Lefties/Demos, but I won’t…

  7. JulieB says:

    Good Ogre, I’m employed and rather left. I know, I know. I also blog from work when no one’s looking.. I think the article is funny. I love to read “estimates” of numbers of bloggers. In the US? In the world? How could you tell? What we need to do is write into the local papers with “hard facts that there are billions of bloggers!” he he he.

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