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After all this time of reading the Leftist MSM’s, I wonder if I have become too sensitive and critical to their writing. This article by Donna Lienwand of the USA Today just seems to have that "somehow, this is bad and it is the Bush Admins fault" feel to it. You read and decide.

Ana Ortega left here for the USA 14 years ago. She never thought she’d
return, much less like this: in handcuffs and ankle shackles, on a U.S.
government jet with 49 others whose criminal convictions got them
deported from the USA.

Ortega, 27, said that she was a legal
permanent U.S. resident and that until recently she was an office
manager for a chiropractor in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood. Four
years ago, she was convicted of conspiracy for being a bit player in a
drug-smuggling ring. Her husband, a U.S. citizen and repeat offender,
received 10 years in prison; she got probation. She was ordered to
appear at a deportation hearing, but she skipped it.

On the surface, it seems rather neutral, but, the handcuffs and ankle shackles seems like overkill, being the first paragraph. Maybe she is just trying to hook the reader. Also, Ortega says she is a legal resident. Would have been nice to provide some documentation regarding whether that is true or not.

On Monday, Ortega was sent back to the
Dominican Republic on a flight from Boston that symbolized the U.S.
government’s increasingly aggressive push to expel immigrants who
either are here illegally or violate the conditions of their stay by
committing crimes. More than three years after John Ashcroft, then attorney general, cited the 9/11
attacks by foreign terrorists in announcing a broad crackdown on
violators of immigration laws, the United States is deporting
foreigners at an unprecedented pace.

This is a good thing. Send them back, especially if busted for illegal activity. But, does it seem as if the mention of Ashcroft is a slap at the Bush Admin?

During the year that ended Sept. 30, U.S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deported a record 157,281
immigrants. Like Ortega and the others aboard the flight to Santo
Domingo, more than half of those deported last year had criminal
records, a reflection of ICE’s emphasis on booting such people from the
country. The jet that brought Ortega back here also included convicted
drug dealers, sex offenders, robbers and wife beaters.

Nothing wrong with that, either for the USA nor against Bush. I’d like if we could send them out faster. If you want to come to America legally, and follow the steps to become a citizen, great, welcome! If not, buh bye.

Ortega says she was sad to have left the
USA. Her son, 8, and her daughter, 5, are U.S. citizens and will live
with Ortega’s mother in the USA. "It wouldn’t be fair for them to have
to live in a country they’ve never lived in," Ortega says.

An immigration judge ruled that Ortega
should be banned from the USA for life, but she plans to ask the U.S.
Embassy in the Dominican Republic whether there’s a chance she could
return to the USA.

"People make mistakes," she says. "Now it’s not only me, but my kids who will pay."

On one hand you have to sympathize. Dad’s in the pokey, Mom’s back to her home country, and the kids are staying with Ortega’s Mom. But, then I look at it again and reconsider, and see the bleeding heart liberalism in this. She was involved in criminal wrongdoing. She is not a citizen. Could that not have been stressed in the same paragraph area? Why does it seem that the MSM’s stress the feelings so much? It is a tough situation. Maybe she should have thought prior to being a "bit player in a drug smuggling ring."

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3 Responses to “Air Illegal”

  1. Leah says:

    I remember reading an article in one of the “Big” magazines like Time in a Dr. office. They had a big spread about an illegal alien who paid $1000 to crawl thru a tunnel to get here and was currently running a $50,000 a year illegal maid operation in NYC. I had two thoughts about this: First-Man, if my husband made that kind of money our troubles would be over! and Second-this woman is committing a crime. Why is she not being deported, having her assets confiscated and put in a fund to pay for the deportations and why is this mag not being held as an accesory to a crime?

  2. Patty-Jo says:

    The fact that she chose not to appear for her hearing smacks of arrogance to me. Did she think she was somehow above the law? I don’t know about you, but if I was ordered to appear in court, I’d be there.

  3. ikw3804 says:

    Absolutly the correct thing to do. If you want to live here in the US, and there are conditions to your citizenship you had better darn well know what they are, and you had better follow the law.

    As for this pityful attemp to blame Bush and Ashcroft is insane.

    Where was the concern for Elian where when Janet El Reno sent in the GESTAPO to get him? That poor kid was used as political football by the CLinton’s– where oh where was bleeding heart liberals???

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