A Democratic Distraction

Congressional Demorats obviously do not like President Bush’s push for Social Security reform. They are up in arms about it, and bloviating furiously.

"We are willing to talk with the president when he has a plan" for Social Security, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada said as the White House geared up for an intensive public campaign to sell Bush’s recommendations.

He has one. Try listening, Harry, instead of sticking with your contrary political positions, ie, "I hate Bush." You were elected to serve the People of Nevada and the US, both Left and Right. Try it some time. Have you considered asking the President? You are the Dems Senate leader, after all.

Pelosi, D-Calif., accused Bush of wanting to take trillions of dollars, an "unconscionable, obscene, immoral amount of money to privatize," from Social Security.

"We don’t believe payroll taxes should be used for private accounts," Reid added. "We don’t believe there ought to be huge cuts" in benefits.

See, folks, it is not government money. It is the Peoples, and individuals, money. Your job is to do the best thing for the People. Taxes are not something the government is entitled to. They are something that should only be assessed if needed. See, we had a little thing going on in the 1770’s, which was, at it’s most primal form, about taxes. Why not try listening to the proposals? Would it kill you? Drop the highly partisan contrary rhetoric until you have heard and understood what the President is proposing. Hey, you never know, maybe, once the plan is fully laid out, the majority might not like it. Maybe you can make recommendations to make the plan better, and gain some power back. Rather then just looking like pompous windbags.

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