Top 10 Sourpusses

Michelle Malkin (who has never linked me, BTW. 🙁 Hey, it works for others) has a list of the top 10 Post Iraqi Election Sourpusses (hat tip Blogs for Bush). Great list, except for Hey Mo (woo woo woo woo woo woo) Dowd. As she notes, Mo Howard Dowd is always a sourpuss. And a virtually unreadable one. Mo has some sort of William Shakespeare thing going, or least attempts to. All I see when I read a Mo column is the words "I hate Bush" in the background, and scan through to find her one paragraph of modern English which contains her salient point. Case in point:

There’s nothing wrong with trying to squeeze information out of detainees. But isn’t it simply more effective to throw them in isolation and try to build some sort of relationship?

Let me stop hyperventilating from laughing. Here is another moonbat (yes, that is libel) who wants to coddle terrorists. "Oh, please, pretty please, Mr Terrorist, won’t you be a good guy and tell us what we need to know? I’ll buy you a moca latte’ if you do."

In place of Mo, I would like to suggest CNN or MSNBC, who, on Sunday, did not have one shot of Iraqi’s singing and dancing like Fox did. I split my time cruising between the three, and, while MSNBC didn’t take a derogatory tone, they sure didn’t show the happiness on the Iraqi faces.

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2 Responses to “Top 10 Sourpusses”

  1. noelle says:

    Maybe after we build relationships with them, we can all have one big giant group hug. Ahh. How sweet.

  2. I’m hearing kumbaya. Maybe we could give them all a coke and a smile 🙂

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