Will Kerry Ever Sign His 180’s?

Howard Sowell of Real Clear Politics is asking why Big Media is ignoring Kerry saying he would sign his Form 180 (Hat tip to Cas at Villainous Company, who, I hope, is not holding her breathe, as I said in the comments.)

One document whose authenticity is not likely to be questioned by the mainstream media is the honorable discharge on Senator John Kerry’s web site. Yet who in the major media has investigated 
why that honorable discharge is dated during the Carter administration, when Kerry’s military service ended years earlier?

This is the same media that spent months investigating George W. Bush’s military record and, even after key allegations were revealed to be based on forgeries, continued publicizing rumors and innuendoes. They didn’t stop even after the President signed Form 180, opening all his military records to the public.

Remember, folks, that Kerry has already stated that he has released ALL his  military records, which Mr Sowell refers to in his column. Referring back to my post back on Feb 6th:

"Let me make this clear: My full military record has been made public,"
Kerry said. ”All of my medical records and all of my fitness reports,
every fitness report involving each place I served, is public. Where
are George Bush’s still? Where are his military records? End of issue."

There you go. There are all released. Yet, he stated on Jan 30th that he would sign his 180’s to release all his info. Strange.

One of Jimmy Carter’s first acts as President was to issue an order granting amnesties to draft dodgers who had fled the country during the Vietnam war and also allowing an upgrading of military discharges that had been less than honorable.

There is more to this than simply a strange date on an honorable discharge. The covering memo refers to U.S. Code Title 10, sections 1162 and 1163. Anyone who bothers to read those sections will discover that they are about unusual circumstances for issuing discharges from the military services.

Interesting indeed. Why would he need to be given an Honorable Discharge in 1977, Carters first year (die, disco, die), when he was obligated to perform his duty for 3 years active and 6 in the Ready Reserves, effectively into 1972? Could it be that he recieved Less the Honorable discharge? There are many reasons for Kerry to be given one. Being AWOL, dereliction of duty, meeting with the enemy in Paris on multiple occasions, etc.

Sign the 180’s, John.

Update: I think it is worthwhile pointing out Drews comment, a tuesday blogburst to alert kerry to sign his 180’s. Go here. Goes on the calender.

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One Response to “Will Kerry Ever Sign His 180’s?”

  1. Drew says:

    A number of us are trying to start a Tuesday blogburst to flood Kerry’s email with Form 180s. For more information or to join in, please visit http://www.conservativefriends.com/viewtopic.php?t=1294

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