The Blessings of Liberty: President Bush and Fascism

W.B. Rodgers of The Blessings of Liberty takes on the whole Left calling Republicans fascists thing. Great post. Go here to read it.

When someone makes claims that seem, prima facie,
outlandish, many will simply reject them out of hand. Often, though,
those who made those claims in the first place proudly conjecture that
since no definitive statement was made against their claims, then they
must be irrefutable. Of late, and especially since the election, many
on the left have cranked up the rhetoric, calling President Bush a
"fascist" and comparing him to Adolph Hitler. Most of us have written
off these claims as ridiculous, but those making these claims call it a
victory that we don’t refute, point by point, their claims. So I’ve
taken it upon myself to offer up a point by point refutation, based on
an article published a couple years ago listing out 14 characteristics
of fascism. This article has been used by the left as "proof" that we
are headed toward fascism under President Bush. So without further
preamble, here is my refutation.

I started to write something several times, then said, "to hell with it," and did dismiss it. He didn’t, and it is a wonderful post.

Here are the places it comes from, here and here.

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One Response to “The Blessings of Liberty: President Bush and Fascism”

  1. Ron says:

    Someone can be a fascist without being a Nazi. A person can be a fascist without advocating death camps and genocide.

    WAKE UP AND SMELL THE FASCISM! is an attempt to portray the U.S. as the rest of the democratic world sees us. It is not pleasant, but, we do have to wake up to what is going on. Flag waving patriotism is not the answer to accurately ascertaining the state of affairs that exist here in the U.S.

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