Hughes, Nixon, Bribes, Watergate

Now this is interesting:

A chief Senate Watergate investigator told "60
Minutes" that Howard Hughes gave a $100,000 bribe to President Nixon
and that may have led to the break-in that started the chain of events
that culminated with Nixon’s resignation in 1974, according to a report
aired Sunday.

Terry Lenzner, who was assistant chief counsel to
the Senate Watergate Committee, said Hughes, then owner of the Desert
Inn and several other Las Vegas properties, funneled $100,000 to Nixon
through Nixon friend Charles "Bebe" Rebozo.


Lenzner said that he believes the Watergate burglary
could have been because the Democratic National Committee elected as
chairman Larry O’Brien. O’Brien had previously been hired by Maheu to
lobby for Hughes.

How about that? On one hand, this is rather interesting. On the other hand, Hughes and Nixon are both deceased. Let them rest. No need to sully their names any more. So, to counter this, I would like to remind everyone that it was Richard M. Nixon who not only signed, but supported, the Endagered Species Act. Kuddos to him. That is something that I support.

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