Daily Archives: March 11, 2005

Prepare To Be Boarded

Avast. Basil of Basil’s Blog (who I just added to the blogroll, so he has to move me from the "won’t blogroll us" category :D) is committing Piracy. That pirate flag is the same one I used for my Favicon. (also added Red State Rant to the American Flag League) Speaking of pirates, there are […]

Friday Caption

Welcome to Carpel Tunnel syndrome. Hurts to move my wrist and fingers. Enjoy! "Why do the People of Tennessee hate me?"

Thanks, Dems

No, seriously. Internet bloggers should enjoy traditional press freedoms and not face regulation as political groups, lawmakers and online journalists said Friday. In separate letters, Democratic lawmakers and Internet commentators urged the Federal Election Commission to make sure that political Web sites that serve as focal points for political discussion, like Wonkette.com and Freerepublic.com, don’t […]

Pirate's Cove