Prepare To Be Boarded

Avast. Basil of Basil’s Blog (who I just added to the blogroll, so he has to move me from the "won’t blogroll us" category :D) is committing Piracy. That pirate flag is the same one I used for my Favicon. (also added Red State Rant to the American Flag League)

Speaking of pirates, there are actually quite a few in da’ house, er, ecosphere, among others, The Pirate’s Blog and Pirates! Man your Women, two primo buccaneers. A few others are out there, but, with the TLB search down for the moment, that will have to wait. (ps, a few of them are mine, attempts to merge stuff)

And, speaking of favicons, let Sondra K know if this makes her ass look bigger 🙂

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One Response to “Prepare To Be Boarded”

  1. SteveL says:

    I considered a Pirate themed blog when I started mine up, but there were already so many. Not sure if “avastme” is taken or not. Perhaps yoho!.com

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