Daily Archives: March 8, 2005

Look at all the bullet holes (snicker)

Via Michele Malkin, pictures from La Repubblica of the car that Giulian Sgrena was riding in as the guns and tanks and A-10’s and outer space death rays attacked her, all ordered personally by President Bush, of course. Boy, look at all those bullet holes. Car looks better then those who park at the mall […]

Sign the 180’s, John

John Kerry has flip flopped multiple times on releasing his 180’s. See this previous post for the back and forth waffleing by big weenie. He has stated unequivically that he will sign his Form 180 without conditions. Lets help him with this. It’s been 30 days since he said he would sign his 180’s. Time […]

MSM’s avoiding Sgrena Story

A scan through the front pages of many of the Nations largest MSM’s reveals that most of them do not want to touch the Giuliana Sgrena story, at least not as a front page story. Not CNN, not the NY Times, not the Boston Globe, Washington Post, Nyet, nor the LA Times. This is a […]

Chapel Hill Votes For Gay Marriage

From the Raleigh News and Observer: Lawmakers from Chapel Hill and Orange County will be asked to support the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, which says same-sex marriages in other states can’t be recognized in North Carolina; support adding sexual orientation to the state’s hate crimes law; and oppose a constitutional amendment that […]

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